Curse of indian feminism!!

The hatred of women starts in the womb, when we abort hundreds of millions of female fetuses each year. For Indians, girls are a burden; the desire for male progeny is as natural to us as breathing. Even before conception, we utter prayers, make vows, observe fasts, bow before this or that divinity, all so we might not remain childless or burdened with the debit side of the account–the girl child. For burden she is; practically every Indian, barring a few communities where matrilineal systems still exist, must be familiar with the idea that a girl is “paraya dhan,” the treasure of another’s home. The word “treasure” should not fool us. We are commodities, chattel, goods. Why else would we have to pay the groom’s family a dowry for the favor of taking the girl-child off our sinful hands?

(read, simply, without any personal reference)

An article which better describes suppressed Indian women’s

Harassment either physically or emotionally is part of rape.

I want to ask many of u what is rape.?

Pulling of clothes? Touching ur organs? Doing sex?

That’s it?


Rape is everything that is against your wish.

People rape you more in terms of emotions than getting physical or sex.

I sometime wonder is India cursed ???

You must be thinking why am I saying so?

When we were child we all used to sit with our grandparents listen and watch mahabharat, ramayan and epic channels

What if I say women’s were suppressed and was thought to be fun element from beginning of era

HOW is the question!

I still remember mahabharat and still remember that “Cheer haran” scene of draupati done by duryodhan why? Did she deserved it? NO but it showed dominance of men showed ego and politics of male community.

Remember being a pure soul of heaven sita was cursed by ram in ramayan just because ramma heard something from Dhobi? Did she deserved this? Was she not devoted? 

Coming back to kalyug we all see what is happening.

Dowry? I m purchasing your daughter so she can give me my grandson who will do the same in future for his lineage.

Is this what india is running on?

Where wearing so called short clothes is even a curse!


Where every girl is counted on money and if not on money then Organs!!!

Its my body, my values, my emotions.

Its our body!

My father is scared even I am educated blunt confident did journalism doing mba but what, you can ever be raped !

Its our society where no matter how educated you are a single man can ruin you up!!

I too have a personal life everyone does but it completely depends on you whom you want to open up your feelings your clothes! Your words your hopes!

 why am I thinking when u are on my table?! (Pizza)

As it’s always great to chit chat over pizza and fight for that one last slice, mine way is bit diffrent listening to Pink floyd eating slowly and finally losing my mind and thinking why is that we always have to choose two directions in life knowing that either one will make us learn lessons and other is probably our destination?!!!!

Why is it so hard , cant it be simpler?


Astro guide, freaking!!!

Omg! Is seriously anything named as parallel universe in existence? If yes I would probably want to check it out, but joke apart god these astrologers are Scary! They can tell every in nd out of ur life so all the sinner beware! Although today I met one great personality who provoked my self confidence esteemed me up burnt my negativity and throwed me on path of goodie vibes!! 

Terrorized but on the same time satisfied, still someone thought I was good, not bad one good but the best one!!!

Evolution is revolution..!

.. And it’s true if things doesn’t evolve they become extinct, be it a thing person or love!! It’s hard to realize you are broke, but harder to accept you are extinct your existence doesn’t knockout anyone, anybody’s heart and head..

To be one of rare species , identified, you need to accept evolution to start new revolution within u !!

Have a great time!!!

Memories raining, old is gold!!!

Its raining and so am I ! Ironically both seems to justify my feelings, looking back at time flipping the coin and trying to make memories burn into ashes, sitting unidentified thinking all those unpleasant days and still enjoying the rain & music!!

Fighting with my innerself and consoling justification are accepted, hope they are?!

Funny I could see only old is gold infront of my eyes, so my thoughts and my heart!!